Modena: capital of tortellino? The diatribe with Bologna in this regard is always open, but anyone among them is the true custodian of the traditional recipe, we care little when we are faced with a steaming dish of this specialty, served in all the trattorias of the city!

Ancient Roman camp, formerly Cicero, in the “Filippiche”, describes Modena with enthusiasm, calling it beautiful. The passing of the years has not changed today’s perception of the city according to tourists. Particularly noteworthy are the monuments of the city center: the Municipal Square with the adjacent Duomo, the Ghirlandina Tower, the Synagogue, the Ducal Palace, the Palazzo dei Musei and the Enzo Ferrari Museum. The proximity of the city to Maranello, the historic headquarters of Ferrari, makes Modena the perfect stop for motoring and motorcycling enthusiasts.

During your stay in the city, do not forget to taste Parmigiano Reggiano – perhaps sprinkling it on the famous tortellini -, Modena ham, fried gnocco, crescentine and the inevitable dressing with balsamic vinegar … a feast for the palate!

You can find information about the entry into the city of tourist coaches and related parking areas on the Modena municipality website at: emilia-romagna / ztl-bologna.html. We remain at your complete disposal for further details.

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